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High Speed Chess, the new way to play. Click the link to search your area for your next opponent.

Live vs Live, the fastest game of chess I've ever played -- O.P.

The game

You set the time for each game. Your opponenent only has that amount of time to make their move before it's your turn again.

5 Seconds

Both you and you opponent are locked into having to make split second decisons about what they need to do next. There's no time to think deeply. You have to move now or your opponent could take the lead.

10 seconds

Not as pressurized as 5 but you still don't have much time to contemplate the universe. You've got to decide fast about what you're going to do and do it or you could lose the game in a very short period of time

25 seconds

A little more time's on the clock, you could take a quick sip of your coffee or look around at your friends but if you want to win you've got to keep your mind on the game and your eye on the prize.

Team Chess

You and your team members face off in a fast paced game of High Speed Chess

5 seconds 2 vs 2

You and your team members square off to face the challengers. Will you win or will you lose, it's a fast paced game of timing and strategy.

5 seconds 3 vs 3

A little more complicated because there's 3 of you and each of you has to work together to win. One small mistake and the other team can take the lead.

5 seconds 4 vs 4

Can you operate in a real team setting. There's 4 of you and not much time to decide what to do next. If you can work together and think strategically fast this game is for you.

10 seconds 2 vs 2

You and your team members square off to face the challengers. A little easier then 5 seconds but still there's not much time on the clock to make things happen. It's a team game and if you haven't made a move by the end of ten seconds you opponent takes over.

10 seconds 3 vs 3

You have to make a move and there's 3 of you. 10 seconds a turn, not much time. Before you know it you're out of time and your opponents are up. Think fast and collaborate because there's only one team that wins.

10 seconds 4 vs 4

This game will help you build your team building skills. There's four of you and not much time on the clock. If you work as a team and think strategically you're going to win but remember your opponents are thinking the same thing. You'll have to out smart them and work with everyone else on your team to make things happen.

25 seconds 2 vs 2

Lot's of time on the clock compared to the 5 and 10 second games but still not a tremendous amount of time. Don't forget you have a teammate and if you're going to win it's going to be a team effort. If you work together and think strategically the game is yours to win.

25 seconds 3 vs 3

There's 3 of you and lot's of time to wait until your next turn. Don't lose track of what's happens from you last move because by the time you go again 5 other people will have made decisions on the outcome of the game. Remember think team and you can take the win from your opponent.

25 seconds 4 vs 4

There's a lot of you and lots of time since you made your last move. Pay attention, work together as a team and think strategically and you and your team members can win. Be careful not to look away from the board for too long because the outcome can change just like that. There's enough time for you to get a coffee in between moves but don't forget about your teammates and the strategy your opponents are coming up with. Before you know it it's your turn again and the fate of your team could be in your hands.


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